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Rank Math The #1 SEO plugin For WordPress

Rank Math SEO The #1 SEO plugin For WordPress 2023


This article is a review based on my personal opinion and experience using the Rank Math SEO plugin. Any links to the official Rank Math SEO plugin product are “affiliate links” and will grant me an affiliate commission if a purchase occurs from anyone directed through this article.

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In the 4 years i have been building WordPress & Elementor websites for friends, clients and myself, I have tried several SEO optimization plugins to increase traffic and connect my website to search engines and social platforms across the internet. Today, I’ll be reviewing Rank Math and show you why this plugin is ranking high above the others for me!

Free version
Ease of use
Pro version
Price range

Rank Math SEO Free version

For people and businesses that are just getting started with their own first website, it can be hard and confusing to find the right choice of plugins. This is no different when it comes to selecting the seo-assistant for your website. Rank Math comes with an extensive free version which you can download from the WordPress repository. This allows you to check out the amazing features and set up all your basic SEO needs without having to invest in a solution before getting to know its power!

Image source: WordPress Repository

The free version of Rank Math SEO comes with 18 pre-defined schema types, Elementor + Divi + Gutenberg integration and offers you all the basics to bump up your SEO score. You can use the integrations to optimize and correctly set up your texts, rich snippets and more!

Ease of use

Rank Math SEO makes it easy to get started straight from the get-go. With the easy setup wizard, you can set all the settings you need and even import and optimize settings from another SEO plugin you might have tried in the past. The setup wizard, and later on your Rank Math dashboard, comes with tons of handy tips to improve your site, on-page and content SEO.

Image source: Rankmath.com

The integrations with Elementor, Gutenberg and Divi make it easy for you to optimize your pages and posts while creating them. You’ll find focus points that relate to your keywords and get awesome tips on how to create great content that is search engine optimized and will boost your search results and traffic.

You can use the snippet preview to check how your post will appear in the google search results and create custom open graph images, titles and descriptions for sharing on social media. 

Image source: Rankmath.com

Rank Math SEO Pro version

If you are impressed with the amazing features of Rank Math SEO Free, you’ll love the Pro version even more! Rank Math Pro offers a built-in advanced SEO analytics module that will show you all the data from your pages and posts and guide you through optimizing them with minimal effort. Integrating Google analytics has never been easier and the amazing content AI will assist you in creating engaging content for your visitors.

Image source: Rankmath.com

You can use these tools to track your keywords and search results directly from your WordPress dashboard and take action where and when needed. The Pro version of Rank Math SEO also includes some extra features like creating your own custom schemas and custom sitemaps for video. Local SEO and News SEO are just a few of the tidy extras Rank Math Pro offers.

Rank Math Seo-Analyzer
Image source: Rankmath.com

To get the most amazing deal for the best SEO plugin for your WordPress site, you can follow the following link:


Rank Math SEO comes packed with features for beginners and professionals alike. It integrates perfectly in every type of website and blog and helps you boost your SEO score with a minimum of effort.

Image source: Rankmath.com

Here are some of the features that make Rank Math SEO stand out as professional SEO plugin for your business, blog or e-commerce website.

  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • SEO Performance Email Reports
  • Google Trends Integration
  • Google News SEO Sitemap
  • Google Video SEO Sitemap
  • Local SEO PRO With Multi Locations
  • Image SEO
  • WooCommerce SEO PRO
  • Automated video detection
  • Elementor Page Builder Integration
  • And much more…

Except for the great features and tools they offer for you to use on your website, Rank Math SEO stands out in another category, namely their extensive collection of resources and articles to help you get going. With a huge knowledge base available on their website and a great community always willing to help, there is no question that remains unanswered.

Rank Math SEO Pricing Plans

Rank Math SEO offers great pricing for their plugin and with all the features and perks it will give you, it’s definitely value for your money. Pricing starts at 59$ for a pro plan when you decide to upgrade from the free version ( I’m sure you’ll already looked it up after seeing all they offer). They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which tells me they are very confident you’ll love their product.

Rank Math Pricing Plans
Image source: Rankmath.com

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Subscribe to Simply Learning today and receive all new tutorials and articles together with future offers and discounts for resources and services straight in your mailbox!


Subscribe to Simply Learning today and receive all new tutorials and articles together with future offers and discounts for resources and services straight in your mailbox!

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