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Giving credit to the original source of information helps to ensure that the work of others is recognized and respected. This is particularly important in the digital world, where it is easy for content to be shared and re-purposed without proper attribution. By attributing others for their work, we show respect for their intellectual property and the value of their contributions.

Even though we create all our tutorials from scratch and use our own process to create websites that will stand out, there will always be similarities and little code snippets that come from other designers and developers.

Therefore, since creating websites is all about the process of constantly learning new techniques and styles, it’s only fair we pay tribute to those who have an impact on our development as a web-designer.

The websites and web creators mentioned below have been, and hopefully, continue to be, a great source of inspiration to improve my knowledge, skills and creativity.


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Misha Rudrastyh

WOOCOMMERCE – My life is all around beautiful things
built with WordPress.

Rodolfo Melogli

WOOCOMMERCE – I’m a WooCommerce developer, an author, a speaker and an internet marketing expert..

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